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At Parklane Insurance Brokers, we understand the unpredictability of life’s events and work with you to protect what matters most. Your home, your property, and your family. Learning the importance of personal insurance and why it plays a critical role in safeguarding your financial wellbeing and future for you and your family is what we do.

Home ownership is a rewarding experience but for many people, it is one of their largest investments that they will make over the course of their life. The right kind of insurance will give you security and piece of mind.

A proper home policy not only covers your home itself but will also pay to replace your personal belongings. In the event of a catastrophic claim, even if you may feel like you do not own many belongings; many people are surprised by how quickly replacing property can add up and the financial ramifications can be overwhelming. We take a proactive approach to personal insurance policies and will work with you to ensure you have the right coverage, with no gaps.

No one has the intent for someone to end up injured on their property, but as with life’s uncertainties, accidents certainly do happen. While a homeowner hopes to never have to worry over any potential accidents, it is crucial to protect yourself against any type of liability claim. The legal defense costs to defend liability claims are costly and you need the right type of coverage to ensure you have the protection you need.

Auto insurance is mandated by law and is equally important to protect yourself from the financial windfall of any type of automobile loss. We work diligently to ensure you have no gaps in your coverage and are getting the coverage you require.

We bring expertise in all areas of personal insurance, not just home and auto. We work with you to find the best solutions at the best price.

We will consult with you and determine the best options for you and your family, giving you the piece of mind that your assets are protected.

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