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For those in the transportation industry, insurance can be complex whether you operate a large fleet of vehicles or operate as an owner-operator of a single unit. At Parklane Insurance Brokers, we truly understand the associated risks such as unpredictable weather that are related to transportation and logistics, therefore we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals to help you navigate through the complexities of the transportation vertical and are able to offer a wide range of protection to accommodate your business requirements.

Transportation accidents can be catastrophic, and in the event that they may happen it is crucial that the people who are involved are backed by the right coverage to make the claims and recovery process as effortless as it can be.

We have many options available to you for your specific business and will act in a consultative manner assisting with risk and loss management services to ensure you are getting the coverage needed and will work to identify any gaps. We take a holistic approach to transportation and look at every aspect of your business with the kind of attention and detail that you would expect from a reputable insurance broker. This includes taking a detailed look at what you type of goods being transported, the experience that the drivers have, and the risks that apply. Armed with that information, we can tailor a policy specifically for you. We have built our reputation in Calgary, Airdrie and the surrounding area based on logistics

We can work with you on the following

  • Cargo Insurance Coverage
  • Non-owned Trailer Coverage
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Umbrella and Excess Liability

We have the expertise available to manage all your transportation insurance needs. Our team of brokers specific to logistics work diligently to safeguard your company. Call one of our experts today to discuss how Parklane Insurance can help you and your insurance needs.